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LIONS RecWeek 2020

Annual Recruitment Week for  League of Independent Organizations (LIONS), home to 30+ independent student organizations of all interests, purposes, advocacies.

UX & Chill


A series of talks wherein User Experience design professionals share about their work and their passion for design and development.

UX University


A case competition to hone members’ problem-solving skills to create human-centered design for the community.

UX Crawl


A company tour to offices of Manila’s top design studios and tech companies.

UX Masters


An online conference wherein we invite international speakers to give a talk on their career journey from working with small startups to big brands.

UXDC Introductory Workshops


What turns an aspiring rookie into a seasoned designer? These workshops include UX/UI Foundations and a structured guide to learning Figma.

UX Research Workshops


A series of workshops for building your foundations in UX Research in order to create human-centered designs!

UXDev Workshops


UXDev is offering 3 workshops that focus on different areas of web development namely general programming, frontend web development and backend development.

Design Month Workshops


Get ready to unleash the designer in you by October as we conduct Design Month! Whether you consider yourself a beginner, advanced, or skilled somewhere in the middle, get ready to create your own visuals featuring popular software in the Adobe Suite as well as Figma.



Big BUX will feature talks on financial literacy, fintech, and how it is disrupting the current financial services of the industry. Alongside this is UXDC’s “Urgent Need for UX Design in Business”. Which is an organized talk about the importance of shifting your business' presence to an online platform.

HR Mentorship Program


A joint initiative with Externals that allows members to connect with mentors who would guide them and be a friend in pursuing their design journey. It would even allow members to bond and learn from each other as co-mentees, without it being just about UX but with life experiences as well.

UXDC Mentorship Program


Driving the growth of our designers even further—the year-long mentorship program consists of design challenges, resources for practice, portfolio and design reviews, critique sessions, and more!

Monthly Mentors


Show your work, get feedback, and ask questions to industry professionals. Each month we will be inviting 1-2 professional designers to sit down and mentor our members on whatever project they're working/worked on.

Ateneo Tech Orgs: Career Fair


Meet-up with the rest of the ADMU tech community as we engage in talks, workshops, and more as we figure out the next steps in our careers. This event features portfolio and resume building workshops and reviews, a networking night with local startups, keynote talks on creating an alternative career path, and special workshops on skills that get you hired. This collaborative effort is exclusive to the various technology-oriented orgs from the Ateneo.

Virtual UXSoc Family


An online community in Discord for UXers to bond, connect, learn, and help one another. There are activities that will help with the betterment of mental health, productivity, and enjoyment for the members like learning channels, game nights, and Netflix parties.

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