our north star

We make design leaders.

We cultivate a strong mentorship culture. We educate our members in user experience design and empower them through a growth mindset in order to raise design leaders who can empathize with others and draw important insights to create meaningful experiences.

Mission ✨

To open up design education to more people, and teach them to value the human experience, so that they can become responsible design leaders.

Vision 👁

We aim to be a community where anyone can be part of the process and solve problems of society, through user experience design.

Our Core Values

We put people first

User Experience Design gives you the voice and platform to be part of the design process; using your insights to create meaningful experiences that extend beyond the screen.

From our client work to our workshops, and even the occasional meme. We make sure the experience we deliver is one that you won't forget - and in a good way! 😉

Our community is
geared for growth

Here at UX Society, anyone can be a designer, given the right mindset.

No matter your course or internet speed, we'll train you to be a level 9000 hitman in design. With our strong mentorship culture, we'll help you build your foundations in UX techniques and theories through workshops, talks, and first-hand experiences in creating products.

Our products are
Passionately Made™️

We care about the little things. From editing the very last pixel to jotting down every "ummm" and "ahhh" in our user interviews.

We look at the world through the different points of views of all people, so that we can see the problem from a better perspective. This way, we can solve problems you didn't even know you had.

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