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We value collaboration and pride ourselves in our strong mentorship culture.
Get to know our humble little UXSoc family by reading more about us and our members below!

The Departments

We're here to help you grow - whether you're into design, development, finance, or events and people management, you'll find a place in UXSoc!


The Product Managers

Roles: Product Designer, UX Researcher

The Consultancy Department handles all client-work for UXSoc. They are responsible for leading cross-functional teams of Product Designers, Developers, and UX Researchers while ensuring the success of a product that supports the business goals of an organization.


The Coding Sage

Roles: Back-End Engineer, Front-End Engineer

Bringing designs to life, the Engineering Department focuses on developing the website projects of UXSoc and its clients both in Front-End and Back-End Engineering.


The Event Experience Designer

Roles: Project Manager, Programs Head, Secretariat, Externals Head, Logistics

Being a designer does not happen overnight. The Events Department designs event experiences that nurture the growth of the members of UXSoc.


The UX Ambassador

Roles: Externals Officer

The Externals Department is the face of UXSoc, which interacts with organizations and companies inside and outside of Ateneo. The department builds connections through partnerships, and serves as the bridge for students to network with people in the industry.


The Money Lover

Roles: Fund Generation Officer, Fund Management Officer

Money makes the world go round. The Finance Department enables UXSoc's activities to happen by allocating and maximizing the organization’s funds to continue its mission of evangelizing user experience.

Human Resources

The Support Unit

Roles: Member Growth Officer, Member Happiness Officer

Behind the success of every organization is a solid foundation of trust and sense of community. The Human Resources Department organizes projects and initiatives that create an environment where the members can explore, connect, and grow.


The Trendsetter

Roles: Branding Officer, Content Writer, Multimedia Editor

The Marketing Department nurtures the identity of UXSoc and ensures that the organization is well represented on all platforms through campaign strategies for content and promotional materials.

User Experience Design

The Design Educator

Roles: Product Designer, UX Researcher

The UX Design Department is the core of UXSoc that advocates the practice and education of user experience. The department handles the product design side of client projects from in and outside of Ateneo, as well as provide mentorship on the field of UX Design.

Community Stories

Here in UXSoc, we value our members and invest in their growth. We hope that these stories inspire you!

Kate Rustia

VP for Consultancy, A.Y. 2018 - 2019

Interaction Designer at Globe Telecom

The org has instilled a great culture of mentorship and collaboration that helped me build my portfolio, get internships, and even a job. I've made friends with talented and passionate people as well who inspire me to become a better designer and to give back to the community!

UXSoc has already laid out the foundations you need to become a good designer—all you have to do is commit and have fun!

Rafael Dytoc

AVP for Design Mentorship, A.Y. 2020 - 2021

Freelance Digital Product Designer

I started as a teenager who spends time playing with fonts and colors, not knowing what user experience design meant. I hustled to learn more about this, and I'm grateful UXSoc catalyzed my growth and built me from the ground up through their events, workshops, competitions, volunteer opportunities, and projects to experience the whole process at hand.

Even with just a little bit of experience and time, I was able to land my first freelance project because of UXSoc.

Avery Chan

VP for Front-End Engineering, A.Y. 2019-2020

User Experience Intern at On-Off Group

Getting to meet and work with passionate designers and developers in UXSoc has taught me a lot about empathy and user experience. Aside from growing as a developer, I've gotten amazing learning opportunities through UXSoc even beyond talks and workshops, such as handling client projects and trying out public speaking.

Even now as I move forward in my journey as a designer, I've learned that the UXSoc family is always so supportive no matter what path I take. Just be open to the opportunities the org has, and you're already set, whatever you choose to do!

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