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Passionately Made

Product Design & Consultancy 💬

Through in-depth research and analysis of your users and their needs, our UX Consultants will provide you with insights as to how your product could deliver a superior experience that ties up with your market, business, and brand strategy needs.

product design consultancy
Sample Work:

Passionately Made

UX Evaluation & Research 🔍

UX Evaluation & Research focuses on deeply understanding your product, services, and customers. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your existing or potential user’s needs and behaviors, these will provide you with a data-backed analysis of your users together with key actionable insights.

user interviews
usability testing
customer journey mapping
persona crafting

Passionately Made

UX / UI Design and Prototyping 💡

We design products and experiences that are both intuitive and innovative for various digital solutions. Our experiences range from web to mobile design– tailor-fitted to your business and brand strategy. Through a combination of UX Research, a strategic approach to information architecture, and your branding, we craft design solutions that fit your brand’s purpose and your user’s needs.

mockups & prototyping
usability testing
Sample Work:

Passionately Made

Web and Mobile Development 🖥

By utilizing the best front-end and back-end technologies available, we develop custom web or mobile designs from scratch. We also provide tech support and consultancy.

Tech Consultancy
Content Management Integration
Full Stack Web Applications
Quality Assurance
DNS Management & Hosting
Sample Work:

Passionately Made

Branding Development 🎨

Through collaborating with your brand to explore your brand identity and personality, we’ll guide you in establishing a branding that resonates with your company, aligns with your product strategy, and ties up to enhance your brand’s visual identity.

brand audit and market research
core identity
visual identity
content creation
brand application
Sample Work:

Our Process

From research to maintenance - we've got you covered.

01. Discover

In this phase, we begin by doing our research and getting as much information as we can about our client and their needs.

02. Define

After the discovery phase, we analyze the results of our research. We identify the problems and rank them based on importance.

03. Ideate

During this stage, we try to extract our creative juices and think about possible solutions to the problems. We then test these solutions out.

04. Develop

Once we settle on an effective solution, we hand it off to our developers to build the product. Within one or two months, we deploy the site.

05. Measure

After releasing the site, we measure the product's performance. We take what we have learned and apply these insights to modify or improve the product accordingly.

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